"Quarantineships" and the Class of 2020.


Every May our Executive Board Members meet to read, review, evaluate and select three winners.  This May was very different ... the pandemic prevailed.  We could not meet.  However, nothing was going to stop us from awarding these scholarships.  So, our Scholarship Chair, Olympia, got all the materials electronically which were emailed to all of us and then we had a ten-person conference call so we could collectively select this year's recipients.


It was during that call that Dolores, our President, suggested that due to the pandemic and the dire, uncertain circumstances facing the Class of 2020, we might want to consider giving scholarships to all six candidates.  Our Board loved the idea and so, this year, all six candidates became recipients of a $2,000 "quarantineship".


Every June members of the Board attend HSTAT's Awards Night Ceremony to personally present the scholarships.  But this year there would be no ceremony.  Each recipient received a letter celebrating their achievements along with their check.


The winners are:

Gerald Cogtla Castillo

Ming Chen

Sidney Chen

Chaya Gitelson

Yamileth Hernandez

Leslie Lopez


















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