An Open Letter And Invitation To All Bay Ridge High School Graduates

Dear Sister Graduate,
As you may know, Bay Ridge High School, a true landmark of Bay Ridge, closed in 1985. Although it is now called the “High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology” (HSTAT), with which we maintain close ties, it will always be “Bay Ridge High” in our hearts.We invite you to join us in helping to continue to honor our Alma Mater as a major Hall of Education via our Alumnae Association.

The BRHS ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION was founded in 1995 by Eugenia Pawlick Zeitlin, with the purpose of keeping the name of our beloved school alive and to foster academic achievement in the Bay Ridge community. We do this through fund-raising events and more importantly, through awarding cash scholarships to deserving graduates of the HSTAT, in the name of BRHS .

Our most successful and eagerly awaited fund-raiser is our Annual All-Grades Luncheon/Reunion held in Brooklyn each year.   Graduates of all grades can enjoy a delicious lunch and exchange cherished memories.  But most of all,  they have the opportunity of seeing former classmates. We have grades celebrating 50th, 60th and 65th year anniversaries! 

Membership dues, as well as donations to the Scholarship Fund, provide us with the needed finances. Dues are $15 per year. 

All members receive the RIDGE ECHO 2000 newsletter, twice a year, which contains memories, photos and interesting articles about our graduates.  We may also be able to provide you with copies of most Year Books.

Please join us in our endeavors. We need YOUR support to continue our growth into the future. For more information, please find our contacts and telephone numbers in the "Contact" section of the main menu, and remember,

“A Song for the Bay Ridge High”.
The beautifully rendered marble statue of Joan of Arc, surrounded by stained glass panels, is a reminder of the building's history.
Current Facade of High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology (HSTAT)

Elizabeth T. Fitzpatrick was appointed Bay Ridge High School principal in 1938. Miss Fitzpatrick was instrumental in fostering a climate of academic achievement. Miss Fitzpatrick retired in 1963 having worked the longest term as principal.

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